Early History

"Spes Non Fracta"

The Grange's "Care" credentials can be traced right back to the First World War. Whilst it is believed that some of the wounded were tended to at The Grange during WW1, it is known that there was a great Celebration at The Grange when the War was finally over in 1918. All the local men that returned safely were feted at this Celebration, and those lost were also remembered in a grande celebration.

During the Second World War in 1939 - 1945, troops were billeted at Otterbourne Grange, and during the War and for a long time thereafter, the wounded and refugees from Europe were cared for at The Grange.

Thus began Otterbourne Grange's long history as a Care Home.

The Coat of Arms on the exterior of the building as well as its inscription, "Spes Non Fracta" perhaps offer the best glimpse of The Grange's link with the two great Wars. "But Hope is not yet Crushed" or "But Hope is not Broken" encapsulates both the mood and the resolve of the time.