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Enjoying a reputation for serving fine food, the irresistible aroma of a freshly cooked meal often wafts through the Home, making it very difficult for visiting relatives not to want to sample the cuisine.

Our Head Chef and her Team pride themselves in serving up true "home cooked" meals, and nothing "pre-cooked" is served at Otterbourne Grange. Our Chef considers even the thought unacceptable! Every meal is lovingly prepared on site daily, using local fresh produce and seasonal vegetables. Fresh fish, meat, chicken, and dairy are sourced daily from independent suppliers allowing our Chef to prescribe the quality she desires.

Our menus are carefully planned by our Head Chef and Head of Care quarterly, and whilst all meals have to offer our residents a balanced diet, nutrition, taste, and presentation are important elements. Our Care System flags up special dietary needs and this informs our Chef to further tailor our meals to our residents preference or requirement. So for example, those suffering with Diabetes or experiencing difficulty swallowing, are diligently catered for.

In true Victorian Manor House tradition, you will not find any cake-mix or common yoghurt at Otterbourne Grange. All our delicious confectionery is baked daily on site using real butter, full cream, and all the other decadent ingredients that our residents deserve. Even our yogurt, mousses, trifle, and other tantalising deserts are freshly made on site. Isn't that what "high tea" was supposed to be all about? Naturally, this is one of the highlights of our residents' day.


A full range of activities designed to both stimulate and entertain is provided by the Home. Whilst some activities are delivered through specialist service providers, our care staff are also involved in running Quiz programs, Dance sessions, music and movement, one to one interaction, and taking residents for walks in our extensive grounds during summer.

Special events like the Queens Jubilee, the Olympics, and Royal "occasions" are celebrated, as are events like Christmas, and Easter. These are organised internally and usually feature a themed dinner or lunch. Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated and the Home is always happy to work together with family members to celebrate other occasions.

An enduring trait of Otterbourne Grange is that it really does feel like a large Victorian family home tucked away in the woods, the aroma of a fresh meal wafting through the air, the sound of familiar voices in the background, with deer grazing on the grounds, and squirrels squabbling with birds at the feeders. Isn't this where you would want to spend your quality time?

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